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The public's interest in natural health remedies is here to stay; whether it's making sure children take vitamin C during flu season, or looking for natural weight loss herbs.

Many consumers have become discouraged by conventional medical wisdom. Too often, prescriptions to overcome symptoms have replaced identifying or addressing underlying causes. As a result, natural remedies and holistic health approaches are becoming more appealing.

Unfortunately, the marketplace has also become inundated with snake oils and supplements in response to the public outcry for holistic health.

That's where we help!

Luckily, the latest scientific research is beginning to catch-up with the popularity of natural health options; and catching up with centuries of empirical evidence from practical use. Here we review - from a scientists' perspective - the latest research on alternative and complimentary health options.

This website is for you if you have ever wondered:

  • Why am I hearing so much about a specific supplement?
  • Is there any truth to that "folk remedy"?
  • How can I eat for good health?
  • I hate my medication, is there any natural remedy that research supports?
  • Are there alternative health options for my ailment?

    ...or you're like me and just love learning about the latest research!

We live in a real world,
not a sterile, controlled environment.

Have you ever thought: It's great that quinoa is a complete protein, but how exactly am I supposed to pronounce it, much less eat it?

I've been there. So thrown in with all this great science, we have a blossoming community and some practical tips about good health and natural foods - natural food recipes for vegans, omnivores and everything in between.

Afterall, the point of sharing the science is to offer as much good health as possible! So, we help translate the research into real healthy solutions for real people.

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